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Scaled Lending is a provider of business process automation solutions for small business lenders and factoring companies nationwide. We’re operations experts who’ve started, nurtured and grown multiple finance companies in both traditional and alternative lending. We know how to leverage technology to automate, streamline, and modernize your business processes, and we can help implement lending best practices across all areas of the business.

Don’t throw money at processes or technology that won’t noticeably increase your deal pipeline or improve your profits. Whether you’re a start-up factoring company or growth-stage lender, our sole mission is to help you succeed with affordable cloud-based solutions designed to help you be more efficient and profitable.


Salesforce Consulting for Lenders and Factors

Salesforce is the #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform on the planet. It offers a variety of cloud-based applications for sales, service, marketing and operations that help you get more leads, close more deals, accelerate productivity, and make insightful decisions. We’ve customized and enhanced Salesforce specifically for use by lenders and factoring companies. We can help you migrate from your existing CRM and automate a host of lender-specific activities.

  • Predictive Dialer for Outbound Calling
  • Lead Scoring and Distribution
  • Online Credit Application
  • Dynamic Underwriting Model
  • Integration with 3rd Party Data Providers
  • Push-Button Document Generation
  • Electronic Signature Solutions

Business Process Automation for Lenders and Factors

Many finance companies have already invested in servers, networks, CRM software and other business applications. It may not make sense to switch to a cloud-based solution such as Salesforce. No problem! We’ve implemented business process automation solutions for small business lenders and factoring companies that fit this profile. If your primary application back-end is Access or SQL-based, we can have it “talk” to a variety of web applications thereby extending functionality and automating a wide variety of business processes.

Software Expertise

Factorsoft by ProfitStars

FactorSoft (formerly known as CADENCE) is the industry standard in factoring software.  It monitors critical aspects of portfolio management including invoice verification, credit checking, purchase decisions, risk analysis, concentrations, trend analysis, funds employed reporting, and invoice delivery.

Scaled Lending has configured Factorsoft for multiple factoring companies in both general and highly specialized industries such as transportation and digital media. We’ve also extended its functionality, incorporated specialized business logic, and automated numerous day-to-day tasks by integrating with a variety of web services. We can even deploy your very own branded, 100% customizable, customer portal to replace the one provided by FactorSoft.

CL Platform by Cloud Lending Solutions

The Cloud Lending (CL) Platform is a cloud-based, end-to-end lending solution that supports the entire lending lifecycle for banks, alternative finance companies and equipment lessors. CL Platform can originate and service a wide range of loan types including consumer, commercial, small business, daily debit, peer-to-peer, merchant cash advance (MCA), and leases. Built as a true software as a service (SaaS) offering on Salesforce.com, CL Platform delivers innovation, lowers operating costs, reduces risk and greatly decreases time to close. CL Platform consists of 6 products that work seamlessly as a complete solution or can be used individually to supplement existing operations. Products in the Cloud Lending Platform include: CL Portal, CL Originate, CL Loan, CL Lease, CL Collections and CL Marketplace.

Scaled Lending recently deployed CL Loan for one of the largest non-profit lenders in the country. The project required migration from an existing loan management system as well as extensive customization due to the unique funding, accounting, and reporting requirements of community development financial institutions (CDFIs) and non-profit lenders in general.

Portfol by PIDC

Portfol is a multi-user portfolio management system created by Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) to manage economic development transactions throughout the entire project life cycle. Portfol houses demographic data, monitors technical assistance activities, services loans, maintains job creation data, monitors financial statement and insurance requirements, and provides third-party reporting to such entities as the Economic Development Agency (EDA), U.S. Treasury (CIIS), and Small Business Administration (SBA).

Scaled Lending understands the unique requirements of non-profit lenders and economic development agencies and knows how to integrate Salesforce with Portfol and similar software. Modernizing lending processes and procedures in such a way is critically important if non-profit lenders hope to counter the threat of fast, easy, and expensive money spilling into financially stressed communities. Scaled Lending provides a proven, secure, comprehensive, and affordable cloud-based solution designed to greatly increase a loan’s speed to close while improving consistency, transparency, and efficiency throughout the lending process.

Radar by ABLSoft

Radar is a cloud lending platform that enables asset-based lenders, factors and alternative lenders to streamline operations and enhance risk management. Radar allows lenders to operate more efficiently with automated data collection tools, sophisticated collateral analysis and monitoring tools, configurable business rules and reports, and a 24/7 client portal. Borrowers use the client portal to submit borrowing bases, request advances, view availability and ineligibles in real time, view check images, and view, tag and store documents such as accounts receivable and accounts payable aging reports, financial statements, purchase orders and sales ledgers.


Online Credit Application
Allow loan and factoring prospects to apply online in a friendly, intuitive, mobile-enabled interface and have responses automatically populate your Salesforce CRM or any other SQL-based CRM for further processing.

Integration with Third-Party Data Providers
Electronically request and capture information from third party data providers from inside your CRM, loan origination, factoring, or other business software without duplication of data entry. Examples include personal credit reports, business credit reports, public record searches (business entities, UCCs, liens, etc.), tax transcripts and IRS account status.

Dynamic Underwriting Model
Transform your Excel-based underwriting models into a CRM-based risk assessment tool using inputs derived from online credit applications, third-party data providers, financial statements and tax returns, and customized lender-specific risk indicators.

Automated Document Generation
Use information gathered from the online credit application, third-party data providers, and your proprietary underwriting model to dynamically generate quotes, proposals, commitment letters, loan agreements, and factoring contracts for manual or electronic signature.

Notice of Assignment Automation
Automatically send debtor Notices of Assignment (“NOA”) upon initial invoice purchase or changes in client account status. Common triggers include: client misdirection of payment, payment offset notification, fraud discovery, and lapse of licensing or insurance. Electronically send NOAs using Debtor’s preferred communication method (fax or email).

Statement Design and Customization
Design client and debtor account statements to include charts, graphs and high-level data summaries. Send client and debtor account statements, collection letters, demand letters, or any other type of report on a periodic basis by either fax or email.

Online Debtor Credit Checks
Provide 24/7 access to debtor credit checks via an online, mobile-enabled portal. Allow searches by name or motor carrier number, display debtor information and credit metrics such as years in business, internal days to pay, and third party-credit score. Automatically retrieve credit bureau information in real-time, provide immediate credit decisions and record the entry in your back-office database.

Automated Generation and Delivery of Comcheck and EFS Codes
Request codes from within your factoring software’s check writing function, electronically receive and deliver codes to clients, and automatically record the transaction in the check register. This is accomplished via highly secure web service connectors.

Sophisticated Reports, Dashboards, and Alerts
Manage your business in real-time with drill-down capable dashboards and reports connected to single or multiple business-critical databases. Improve your bottom line with effective enforcement of risk management policies and guidelines.

Automated Credit Retrieval
Dynamic Underwriting Model
Loan Facility Management
Custom Solutions

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